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Mango Wine Update – Bottling the Wine

So we left the mango wine in October… flash forward to present day. I know, I could have bottled the mango wine earlier. But since it was such a small amount, I wanted to wait until I had other wines … Continue reading

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Mango Wine Update – Sweetening the Wine

Mango wine, still? Yes, still. But the mango wine saga is finally wrapping up. Okay, back in October 2012, Let’s Clear Some Wine, you may remember that I finally got the haze out of the mango wine. On October 21, … Continue reading

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Mango Wine Update – Clearing

I know I’m woefully behind on the Mango Wine updates. But we haven’t bottled it yet… it’s still bulk aging in the spare bedroom winery. So it’s all good, right? This is kind of cool, so I wanted to share. … Continue reading

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Time to Rack the Wine…

“We need to rack the wine this weekend,” said my husband, David. “Track the time?” I replied, puzzled. “Crack the rhyme… what?” “No,” he said, trying unsuccessfully to hide his snicker, “RACK the WINE.” David has two wines in carboys … Continue reading

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