Homemade Fruit Concentrate Wine Recipe

One of Mr. Scribbles’ projects, he’s made this wine a couple of times before. It is a refreshing, fruity, slightly sweet wine that is okay to drink young, but becomes really tasty once it ages for at least a year in the bottle. You can vary the fruit concentrates that you use to customize the taste.

Fruit Concentrate Wine Recipe

Boil together with enough water to cover:

10 black tea bags
1 cinnamon stick
¼ teaspoon whole cloves (okay to eyeball it)
7 small bananas, washed, ends removed, and sliced

Once it’s boiling, mash the bananas and add 5 lbs of sugar. Remove from heat and stir until sugar is combined.

In a large fermenter bucket, combine:

5 cans of frozen Welch’s Concord Grape concentrate
3 cans of Welch’s Berry Sunsplash concentrate
3 cans of Welch’s Niagara Grape concentrate

Add the boiled mixture to the bucket.

In a cheesecloth or mesh bag, combine:

12 oz frozen blueberries
12 oz frozen raspberries
4 oz frozen mixed berries

Add bag of berries to the bucket.

Add 1½ tsp pectic enzyme powder, and water to six gallons. Let sit overnight.

The next day, add:

1 tsp yeast nutrient
1 packet Premier Cuvee yeast

3/21/13 – starting SG 1.080

3/25/13 – Discarded fruit and racked into a carboy. SG .994.

5/4/13 – Racked again, added K-Meta, and topped up with Moscato.

6/30/13 – Vacuum degassed.

7/7/13 – racked and stabilized.

This is where we’re at as of this writing. We’ll be fining, sweetening and bottling later, and I’ll update the recipe at that time.

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January 2013 RJ Spagnols En Primeur NZ Pinot Noir Kit

This was the kit that I mentioned here, and said I wouldn’t start it until I updated my blog. Well, as you can see, I lied. Well, would you wait? No, you wouldn’t…Pinot Noir wine kit

1/26/13 Started the kit per the instructions. I was planning on following all of the instructions as closely as possible. Starting SG was 1.120, and the house was an abnormally cool 75 degrees Fahrenheit, although it warmed back up to 79 degrees two days later.Pinot Noir wine kit contents

Pinot Noir wine kit 1/30/13 The SG was at 1.009, so I transferred the wine into a carboy. I also transferred the oak cubes, hoping to extract a bit more flavor from them.

2/9/13 Fermentation was slowing considerably, so I topped up the carboy.

2/13/13 The SG was .992, time to rack again and top up.

3/8/13 Tasted my wine, and felt it could use more oak. So I deviated from the instructions and added an additional 1 oz of medium toast plus French oak cubes.

3/12/13 Stabilized, cleared, and degassed with a plastic wine whip.

3/17/13 Bottled. Ended up with 29 bottles of homemade Pinot Noir wine.Pinot Noir homemade wine in bottles

As of this writing (7/13/13), I’ve had 2 bottles. It has a delightful fruity, oaky nose, but is still harsh on the palate. It’s also still gassy (darn you, plastic whip!). I’ll continute to age it, and have faith that it will smooth out in a year or so.

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July 2012 – Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel Notes

This is a Cellar Craft Showcase kit, one of Mr. Scribbles’ projects.

7/22/12 – Started kit per instructions, SG 1.104. In 11 days, it had fermented to an SG of .990, so it was time to rack into a carboy and top off (with Zinfandel and Carmenere). In case the fermentation seems a little fast to you, remember that I live in south Florida, and my house is generally around 79 degrees F.

8/4/12 – added 2 oz. of medium toast Hungarian oak cubes (not in the original kit).

10/24/12 – added 1 oz. heavy toast French oak cubes (not in the original kit).

12/5/12 – racked off of oak and stabilized, added 1 oz. heavy toast French oak cubes (not in the original kit).

3/8/13 – added 1 oz. medium plus toast French oak cubes (not in the original kit).

3/17/13 – set aside 3 gallons in a carboy, and bottled the remainder (15 bottles).

Too long, didn’t read: Followed the instructions on this kit but added a bunch of extra oak during secondary fermentation. Mr. Scribbles isn’t quite happy with how the oak turned out, so he bottled half and is going to do something else with the other half.

As of 7/11/13, the remaining 3 gallons sits in a carboy. Mr. Scribbles wants to blend some with another wine (more about that in a future post) and make a fortified, Port-style wine with some (definitely more about that in a future post).

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Updates? What Wine Blog Updates?

I hit a snag in my winemaking blog.

You see, it seems that the posts don’t write themselves. No, really!

I know, I know, I was shocked to find that out, too.

So anyhow, I’m going to be playing catch-up with my blog over the next couple of weeks. I’ve actually been making a ton of wine, but just keeping notes the old fashioned way, writing them out by hand in a notebook.

How 20th Century of me…

But don’t worry. I’m going to start writing up everything online again. You can expect the next few posts to be a lot less chatty. Mainly I want to get the information up here so it can help out others.

In the meantime, as a gesture of good faith, here’s a cute photo of my cat:

cat with homemade wine

I think he went with the Carmenere. I know I would…

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Sparkling Mango Wine? Don’t Mind If I Do!

Last weekend, we carefully lifted a champagne bottle out of the fridge.

“Do you think it worked?” I asked, trembling with anticipation.

“It looks like it has bubbles,” was Mr. Scribbles’ reply.

Off came the wire basket, and the stopper began to work itself out of the bottle’s neck, under its own power.

“I think it’s carbonated,” said Mr. Scribbles.

“Yay!” My excitement couldn’t be contained as I heard the tell-tale “pop!” of a champagne cork. I eagerly held out flutes and watched the bubbling wine being poured into them.

But how does it taste?

It’s dry, crisp, fruit-forward, and fizzy. It’s good! Everything I wanted in a mango sparkling wine.

Time to plan the next bubbly wine…

homemade mango sparkling wine

Want to read more about how I went from mangoes to sparkling wine? Here are the posts:

Wine Scribbles Mango Wine Posts

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