January 2013 RJ Spagnols En Primeur NZ Pinot Noir Kit

This was the kit that I mentioned here, and said I wouldn’t start it until I updated my blog. Well, as you can see, I lied. Well, would you wait? No, you wouldn’t…Pinot Noir wine kit

1/26/13 Started the kit per the instructions. I was planning on following all of the instructions as closely as possible. Starting SG was 1.120, and the house was an abnormally cool 75 degrees Fahrenheit, although it warmed back up to 79 degrees two days later.Pinot Noir wine kit contents

Pinot Noir wine kit 1/30/13 The SG was at 1.009, so I transferred the wine into a carboy. I also transferred the oak cubes, hoping to extract a bit more flavor from them.

2/9/13 Fermentation was slowing considerably, so I topped up the carboy.

2/13/13 The SG was .992, time to rack again and top up.

3/8/13 Tasted my wine, and felt it could use more oak. So I deviated from the instructions and added an additional 1 oz of medium toast plus French oak cubes.

3/12/13 Stabilized, cleared, and degassed with a plastic wine whip.

3/17/13 Bottled. Ended up with 29 bottles of homemade Pinot Noir wine.Pinot Noir homemade wine in bottles

As of this writing (7/13/13), I’ve had 2 bottles. It has a delightful fruity, oaky nose, but is still harsh on the palate. It’s also still gassy (darn you, plastic whip!). I’ll continute to age it, and have faith that it will smooth out in a year or so.

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