Homemade Banana Wine

Bananas are quite possibly Mr. Scribbles’ favorite food. So why wouldn’t he want to ferment them into a wine?

Three gallon batch, begun May 26, 2013.bananas

Peel and puree about 13 lbs of very ripe bananas, or 45 bananas. Place the puree in a nylon bag in a large fermenter bucket.

Puree 45 oz of golden raisins, and add to the bag with the bananas.

Add 2.25 teaspoons of citric acid, 3 teaspoons of pectinase, and 2 lbs of sugar.

Take another 5 very ripe bananas and wash them, and cut off the ends and discard. Puree them with the skins on, and add to the bucket. Add water to just under the 4 gallon mark (you’ll lose a lot when you rack the first time).

Stir, cover, and let sit overnight.

5/17/13 – The must had an SG of 1.104, and a potential ABV (alcohol by volume) of 14%.  Mr. Scribbles didn’t want his banana wine to be that alcoholic, so he added water until the SG was 1.080, which put the ABV at around 11%. Then he added one packet of Lalvin 71B yeast and 1 tsp yeast nutrient.

homemade banana wine in carboy

homemade banana wine in carboy

5/29/13 – The wine had an SG of 1.000, so he racked it into a 3 gallon carboy plus a 1.5 liter bottle. He also added K-Meta, ¼ tsp, though it should have been 1/8, since he’s only making a 3 gallon batch. So he made a note not to add any sulfite the next time he racked.

6/7/13 – The wine had cleared nicely and was a beautiful yellow hue. Racked again to get it off of the fine lese, and topped it up with what was in the 1.5 L bottle.

As of this writing on 7/20/13, the banana wine still needs to be degassed, have the acid adjusted, be sweetened to taste, stabilized, and fined.

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