Sparkling Mango Wine? Don’t Mind If I Do!

Last weekend, we carefully lifted a champagne bottle out of the fridge.

“Do you think it worked?” I asked,┬átrembling with anticipation.

“It looks like it has bubbles,” was Mr. Scribbles’ reply.

Off came the wire basket, and the stopper began to work itself out of the bottle’s neck, under its own power.

“I think it’s carbonated,” said Mr. Scribbles.

“Yay!” My excitement couldn’t be contained as I heard the tell-tale “pop!” of a champagne cork. I eagerly held out flutes and watched the bubbling wine being poured into them.

But how does it taste?

It’s dry, crisp, fruit-forward, and fizzy. It’s good! Everything I wanted in a mango sparkling wine.

Time to plan the next bubbly wine…

homemade mango sparkling wine

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