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Sparkling Mango Wine? Don’t Mind If I Do!

Last weekend, we carefully lifted a champagne bottle out of the fridge. “Do you think it worked?” I asked, trembling with anticipation. “It looks like it has bubbles,” was Mr. Scribbles’ reply. Off came the wire basket, and the stopper began … Continue reading

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Mango Wine Update – Bottling the Wine

So we left the mango wine in October… flash forward to present day. I know, I could have bottled the mango wine earlier. But since it was such a small amount, I wanted to wait until I had other wines … Continue reading

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Mango Wine Update – Sweetening the Wine

Mango wine, still? Yes, still. But the mango wine saga is finally wrapping up. Okay, back in October 2012, Let’s Clear Some Wine, you may remember that I finally got the haze out of the mango wine. On October 21, … Continue reading

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