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Wine Likes Lazy: The Continuing Saga of Dragon Blood Wine

“Wine likes lazy.” ~ Unknown, but attributed to David, who is fond of saying it. It’s a good thing that’s true, because my wine has been seriously ignored lately. Not that I’m lazy. Okay, I am. A little. And I’ve … Continue reading

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Dragon Blood Wine, Day 3 and 4

Yesterday was day 3, and the Dragon Blood fermentation was going strong. Happy yeast! The berries were also breaking down nicely, and I helped them along by squeezing all the liquid I could out of the bag. The must is … Continue reading

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Dragon Blood Wine, Days 1 and 2

Dragon Blood wine is fairly straightforward, and is a good, easy wine for us beginners to play with. It’s also a beautiful dark berry color, and smells heavenly. Or at least, it will until fermentation gets really strong, then it … Continue reading

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Mango Wine Update Plus… Something New!

Yesterday I left the mango wine alone until it was time to transfer it into a carboy to continue fermenting. The SG was .092. Can that possibly be right? Well, that’s what the hydrometer said. Actually, the hydrometer said .992, … Continue reading

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Making Mango Wine, Day 5

… henceforth to be known as “Fastest Fermentation EVER.” Okay, so maybe not the fastest ever. But it’s flying. The fizzing got loud enough today that it attracted the attention of a couple of very curious cats. They launched a … Continue reading

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